About Victoria

I am fascinated by the human body. Its intricate, delicate systems working and healing 24/7 , with minimal voluntary effort from oneself is something many people take for granted. The heart never stops pumping blood, the lungs never ceases to filter out the toxins we inhale, the skin doesn’t falter at a hemorrhaging gash, and the brain tirelessly slaves over instructing each system on which jobs to fulfill, all while simultaneously fixing and constantly adjusting thoughts and actions for day-to-day actions. How amazing. And all of the systems work together to create a living, breathing human being. Us humans are magnificent creations, with our foundations, organization, and work to keep us alive everyday, allowing us to enjoy a sunset, or run on the beach and feel the crumbly sand between our toes. With the bones maintaining a solid, basic structure to keep everything in order, and the muscles allowing all sorts of organic and free-flowing movement. I simply cannot fathom a more brilliant, creation. I intend to utilize my page to comment on the magnificent functions achieved by the body and possible ideas pertaining to diseases such as autism and cancer. My brother was diagnosed with autism at two years old. In the same year, my mother was plagued with breast cancer. Both illnesses are very frustrating and emotionally deteriorating¬†for the millions of families impacted. But I admire who my brother and mom for who they have transformed into as people and how they’ve grow from their experiences and challenges. I aspire to become a general practitioner someday and end the suffering of those battling these horrendous obstacles. I will not accept living in a world without a cure for cancer or autism any longer. It’s time to end the pain, and celebrate the wonderful lives we’ve been given. Once I’ve graduated from medical school and secured a stable position, I would like to research the most current natures, triggers, and treatments of autism and cancer. I’ve always wondered if there could be some parallels between the two. The exquisite masterpiece, the human body is; battling viruses, rebuilding cells, circulating nutrients and oxygen, multiplying to rebuild injured parts, and keeping us safe. I am fascinated by the human body. (editing still needs to be done with grammar, rough draft***)


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